Our people, know people.

Everyone in our incredible core team are experts in their chosen fields but they also have an extra trait that we find invaluable. They’re all people experts. We know there’s so much more to learning than pressing ‘next’. Our people use all the tools available from the latest digital technology to theatre techniques to deliver learning experiences that people cant help but love.

Erin Mulvey


Erin established ArcLife in 2014 as a specialist in powerful and engaging corporate training. As an educator and digital user experience expert, she uses active learning principles to ensure that participants are engaged and involved at all stages of the process.

Erin is currently completing a research paper on Mastering the Art of Failing for Resilience and Innovation. She created an MBA Innovation Program on problem-solving for the University of Sydney and has become a committee member for the Sydney Opera House in digital learning.

Under Erin’s leadership, ArcLife is accelerating, and some of our work has already been translated and utilised in other countries.

Jacqui Jewell

Senior Digital Designer

Jacqui is an incredible digital designer who designs contemporary and beautiful online modules. She started her career in advertising; learning to capture the attention of different audiences and communicate key messages through digital interactivity.  She has extensive experience in user experience.

Jessica Reynolds

Project Manager

Jessica is an extraordinary project manager who is able to organise projects and work with clients to deliver learning experiences that are unique and relevant to all participants. She has over fifteen years experience in running digital and educational projects.


Josh Tai

Instructional Designer

Josh’s instructional design experience ranges from process, product, compliance and systems-based training to the less formal gaming, story-based, smart-phone and video-based solutions.

Instructional Design Experience
+ UI and UX interactive design
+ Motion Graphic Video development (Copywriting, Scriptwriting, Production, Publication)
+ Video editing and publication
+ HTML 5 and mobile development
+ Captivate and Articulate elearning design and development